Bremerhaven Revisited

Bremerhaven, Germany. 2014 – 2015
Whenever I used to ask myself what my stance towards my birthplace was, usually “love-hate relationship“ had come to mind. Honestly, that made it a bit easy for me, as this term is a mixture of contempt and dedication. Now, many years after I left the town for the last time, this term can be dismissed. You regularly come back, but this one time you would suddenly notice the differences. You recognize that the city has changed along with yourself, and at the same time, memories of childhood and school years and social peculiarities come to mind. As a media-prone human you develop the need to hold all the things in a panic before they become unrecognizable and lost in the past.
This is why the motivation of Bremerhaven Revisited is to be found in my biography. Of course it was an illusion – to relive the memories without encountering the ghost of the new and unknown. When I started working, marking points of interest on a printed map, which I would work through like a list, it became clear that I had already developed a different view on the city. It was a view that was more critical, interested and less melancholic, but at the same time curious and surprised. More than once, Bremerhaven seemed like a collection of forgotten places. To me it seemed that from where I was standing I would be only a few meters away from the liveliness of the city, but it was silent where I was, and this silence allowed me to remember the place which had been forgotten here. Then again, in other places of the city it seemed as if the inhabitants had forgotten themselves, and as if the streets of these places were merely bridges through a devastated landscape which needed to be crossed as quickly as possible.
I felt an urgency to document these places, forgotten, ignored or on life support, because it seemed that they had their say in the history of this city. Bremerhaven Revisited is an approach to these places, places that exist afar from the attractions and whose time was on a truly different scale.